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Living in a Society of Mutual Aid

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Friday, June 29th, 2007
4:32 pm - baby duck feeding koi


very sweet

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
5:08 pm - Does this make sense?

Sorry, I've been tired and I'd like some feedback on this paragraph, if anyone ahs time.

Ta -Peace;

Equality vis. Time Banking (Theory in progress)
In Time banking, a unit of time serves as a measure of exchange between different people involved in the network. That time could then be converted into any currency system equivalent based on and agreed upon number of units per hour. Since the Time Bank itself does not use currency, this step is unnecessary, and exchanges based on amount of time spent in an activity may be made directly. The drawback to such a system is that it can limit the flexibility of exchanges, due to the varying levels of skill, tools, or materials required to accomplish different tasks. The traditional argument of a plumber’s time being worth more than the time of a teenage babysitter is sometimes used to reject the egalitarianism of Time Banks. On the other hand, that very egalitarianism has the advantage of raising the self esteem of participants in the Time Bank who may otherwise be marginalized by mainstream society.

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Friday, March 16th, 2007
2:06 pm - Just an introduction

Hello, Friends,

I've just found this community and took an interest in the topic. Though I haven't much time for posting, I do hope we can support one another.

Shira D.

current mood: tired

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Monday, May 29th, 2006
8:21 am - tree seeds and bamboo

This is a good time of year to keep your eyes in the cracks of buildings and edges of lanscaping searching for sprouted tree-seeds. Often times they are actually pretty obviously next to the parent tree. If you save out these seedlings this time of year and pot them up or replant them, after several years of care and regular watering you will have a lovely tree that you can gift to someone who has managed to get property but is strapped for landscaping.

I always gather japanese maple seedlings from near the library where Ilive, and my own yard is studded with lovely smallish trees in large containers resulting from this practice.

The Bamboo is starting to throw up culms this time of year as well. It is a good time to keep aneye out for stray runners that show up on sidewalks and outside of fences.

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
2:09 pm

Please forward widely


The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is calling on all its members and supporters to join a rally against hate and Islamophobia this weekend to protest the publication and distribution of deliberately racist and Islamophobic images in Denmark and around the world. Far from upholding the principle of freedom of speech, these images have targeted a community already experiencing increased racism, discrimination, harassment and, in some cases, violence since the tragic events of 9/11. In addition, these images have only helped to bolster a generalised Islamophobic sentiment that has been cultivated to justify the so-called 'war on terror.'

We make a special appeal to all our non-Muslim members and supporters to demonstrate to our friends in the Muslim community that they are not alone in their opposition to the distribution of such offensive and insensitive images. An attack on one community is an attack on all of us.

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is opposed to all forms of racism and has consistently mobilised against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and racism since we came together as a coalition. Join us on Saturday to show your support and solidarity.

Saturday, February 11
Danish Consulate
151 Bloor Street West
(east of Avenue Road)

Please note: the rally will take place on the NORTH side of the street, opposite the Danish Consulate.

Endorsed by
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

TCSW is Toronto's city-wide anti-war coalition,
comprised of more than fifty labour, faith and community organisations,
and a member of the Canadian Peace Alliance.
www.nowar.ca stopthewar@sympatico.ca

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Sunday, January 15th, 2006
2:49 pm

It's the midle of the month again and after a long break it's time for me to solicit for zine content. I'm looking for written pieces of 500-650 words each so I can make the first issue of the Christian Radical in 2006!

I'll accept anything that is of a religious/political nature dealing with topics ranging from Labour, Anarchism, Tactics and resistance movements, to book, zine or music reviews, to theology, ecclesial or scriptural comentary, exegesus, and edtorials. I am also looking for artwork in the form of pictures, drawings, and photo collage.

If you have anything to say about Liberation Theology, the Emerging Church movement, Christianity and Anarchy, Non-Violent Direct Action, Nuclear Abolition, Homosexuality and the Church, the works of mercy, the Catholic Worker movement, ploughshares activism, War, Peace, movement organizing, current events, eschatology, ANYTHING please write it down and send it to

the.christian.radical.zine at gmail dot com

You can also subscribe to the radical in PDF format by writing to

the.christian.radical at gmail.com

Please send all submissions as attachments written in microsoft word and include a short bio and any pertinent links/email adress that will be printed at the back of the zine.

I am always accepting submissions but especially at this time of the month. Your submissions keep this zine in print so please don't be shy about sending things in.

Submit now, submit often.

Many thanks,
Chris Rooney, Editor.

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
10:43 pm

I started buildcommunity for people interested in building, interested in talking about, who have lived in, or who currently live in an egalitarian community. I'm specifically referring to income sharing urban co-operatives, income sharing rural communes, and the like. Hopefully the community will be of use!

Apologies for crossposting (not that that makes it any better).

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
4:34 am

does anyone who reads this blog want to start a Catholic Worker comunity with me here in Vancouver BC? This is something I've wanted to do almost since I first learned about the movement and since becoming friends with the folks who live in and maintain Samaritan House I've only found my desire taking on a greater urgency. There's so much work to be done in Vancouver and so few people available to take it up it seems. Anyway the Vancouver Catholic Worker needs a second comunity to work in solidarity with and to help in serving the marginalised and homeless in this city... more follks on our side fighting against the class war. if you are interested and willing to put in a lot of hard work for probably little return and you feel strongly about social justice and advocacy send me an e-mail (the.christian.radical.zine at gmail dot com), you don't have to be Catholic just committed.

www.catholicworker.com/cwo015.htm is a link to the aims and means of the catholic worker movement.

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
1:46 am

Urgent Action Alert: November 28, 2005

New Attacks on Cite Soleil Residents by UN Troops

The Haiti Action Committee (San Francisco)has received eyewitness
reports over the past four days from Cite Soleil that UN troops have
launched a new round of attacks on the residents there, killing at
least three civilians and gravely wounding others. According to the
preliminary reports:

On Wednesday, November 23rd, UN troops killed one man who was
a maker of kitchen utensils when they fired into his shop near his
home; 5 reported wounded.

Last weekend, UN troops led by Jordanian soldiers killed two
more Cite Soleil residents, husband and wife, and wounded 8
people. More people could have been killed and wounded. Further
investigation is required.

Residents in Cite Soleil are once again trapped and under siege.
This could be a massacre that is in the making as we send out this
alert. Unfortunately, the UN troops have already demonstrated on
July 6th, 2005, and again on other occasions that they will shoot
and kill men, women and children in their homes, in their beds,
and as they go about their daily chores. Now is the time to act --
to let them know the world is watching and demands an end to the

Contact the following officials and demand that they intervene to
stop the siege on the residents of Cite Soleil:

* Craig G. Mokhiber
Deputy Director, NY Office of the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights
Ph: 917-367-5208 mokhiber@un.org

* Juan Gabriel Valdes
Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Haiti
Phone: 011-509-244-9650 or 9660 Fax 011-509 244 3512

* Thierry Fagart
Human Rights Chief, UN Mission in Haiti
Ph: 011-509-510-3183 or 3185 - ext. 6360 fagart@un.org

* US Embassy in Haiti
Telephones: 011-509-223-4711?222-0200 or 0354?Fax: 011
-509-223-1641 or 9038
Email to Dana Banks, Human Rights Officer: BanksD@state.gov

OVER THE WEEKEND OR AT NIGHT -- Call 011-509-222-0200 and
press "0" for emergency.

***Be sure to contact your local media, and ask that they cover
these atrocities.

Please check www.haitiaction.net for updates on what is

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
1:23 am - xposted lots sorry if you get this a couple times.

Hi, I guess it's kind of lame for my introduction in the group to be in the form of an xpost but I think this one is worth it.

Vice President Cheney is petitioning Republican leaders of the
House to block a provision that would eliminate all forms of
U.S.-sponsored torture, arguing more leeway is necessary to
fight terrorism.

I disagree with the vice president. I think torture perpetuates
terrorism; it doesn't stop it.

Join me in doing something about it! I just e-mailed Speaker
Hastert (R-Ill.) and my representative to ask them to join a
broad bipartisan group of senators who oppose all forms of
torture. The amendment, sponsored by Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.), was
passed in the Senate with an overwhelming majority of 90-9
(including 46 Republicans), but now faces the threat of a White
House veto. If the Senate vote was any indication, there could
be enough support in the House and the Senate to pass the
amendment and override a White House veto.

As people of faith, it is crucial that we stand up against the
evil practice of torture. Make sure your voice is heard! Click
here to take action:

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
10:02 am - investing for ourselves vs. investing for community

I'm having difficulty articulating this. I want to talk about investing for ourselves vs. investing for community.

I dream of living in a world that, among other things:
-is income-sharing
-makes decisions by consensus
-needs work done only because it is necessary for community survival or because someone wants to do it
-meets regularly with other similar communities in order to mutually support

When I think of investing, I think of time and money. I think of investing to make things better.

When I think of individualistic investing, I think of mutual funds and landlording. This investing trys to guarantee happiness and health particularly for the individual and their family by stockpiling money which can buy goods and services in the future. The wealth comes from the exploitation of others within the capitalist system.

When I think of community investing, I think of income-sharing, non-profit housing co-operatives and non-profit co-operative grocery stores. This investing trys to guarantee happiness and health for the entire community by sharing income and purchasing things in common in order to provide their own goods and services. The wealth comes not from the exploitation of others. How do I explain this? The wealth comes from the self-sustainability of the community... less reliance on structures out of your control, from intensely strengthened community bonds, from working to support your community directly...

I like thinking of the money that I obtain as not my own, but that of my community. I don't think that I deserve to have more money (and thus goods) than someone else in my community. If someone in my community was to be selfish and try to live by exploiting the labour of others, that would be a different issue. I'm not sure how communities deal with this, but I am sure there are many healthy options.

It's just that I've grown up in such an individualistic culture, where people are often scared of eachother. So I am faced with these questions: Am I really truly prepared to deal with the compromise and stress of community? Do I trust that I will be taken care of when I need care (old age, etc) or should I hoard my money to myself in order to ensure my future (at the expense of other people)?

I guess I know what my answer is. If I want to truly love and be loved, I should invest my all in community. If my dreams and ideals are community, I should invest in that. If I invest in it, I can't just walk away from it.

* This post tooks me hours to write (revision after revision), and had me crying. Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
8:00 pm

If you based labour credits on an hour's work, would you just make sure that people rotated the unwanted work? What if two people were particularly skilled at something, and thus needed to do them, but one was easier and more enjoyable (these maybe hard/impossible to measure save the people's own opinions)? Would you still alot them equal labour credit?

Cross-posted to incommunity. Sorry if you got hit twice.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
10:57 pm - Components of intentional free space

I wrote this up a couple weeks ago in my notebook, and now I am transcribing it for here. Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:56 am - intro

hi, i guess i joined this community a while ago but then forgot to put it in one of my friends filters that i actually read, i went to join again but saw i was already a member,
i have joined because the other day i was talking to a friend about how i feel like i am becoming an anarchist, but that i don't really understand how anarchy can work, and i was feeling confused
then out of curiosity i followed a link to the community info, and now i think i understand how anarchy can work
a little about me
i'm a vegan, and an artist, i care deeply about the environment and people, i believe that it is wrong to cause unnecessary harm to anything, what i consider to be necessary harm is say, eating a carrot, it harms the carrot, but i need to eat and not eating would cause harm to myself so i eat the carrot, but it is an organic carrot that is grown locally to minimize the amount of harm caused, i am not actually able to completely live by my own standards, i feel that the way i live causes unnecessary harm and this causes me to feel very depressed, i continue to try and do my best though and am currently working on moving someplace where i will be able to live by these standards a bit more easily
so i am hoping to learn more about mutual aid

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Sunday, May 29th, 2005
12:34 pm

Bonjour! My name is Natasha and my partner is Annabree. We will be traveling to Montreal in June (17th to 24th) and we are looking for some neat people to stay with! We are 22 and 24, students at the University of Lethbridge, lesbians, and mostly bilingual. I know that a week is quite long, so we are more than willing to spend a few nights at a few different places.

Hope you are having a good summer, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
9:24 am - Simple stuff again

How about making eye-contact with babies and small children?
There are degrees by which you can connect with children. If you have a chance to do some child-care for someone that is the best. Teach a kid to tie their shoe, read them a book, help them learn to whistle. there are all sorts of skills which adults have that children need. How about making a yoyo go?

The greatest thing to a kid is an adult who is having a good time being grown-up. This is the most important role you can play for smll children often, letting them know that it can be *fun* to be an adult.

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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
10:52 am - things you can do now...2

Notice beauty.

There is beauty around you, help it to gather power and force in some small way.

There are people around you helping beauty to gather power, force and momentum in the environment. A flowerbox, a scarf, carefully pruned roses. Today, comment and encourage other people who are part of this process.

Establish more of a connection with someone new.

Refresh communication by reaching out to someon from your past.

Write one letter today, reflecting upon a love you share and a beauty that is tangible.

current mood: *yes!*

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
9:12 am - spring activities

I recently gathered abbout fifty to a hundred Japanese maple seedlings from a crack by the garbage near public health in Garberville. It is a good time of year to notice tree-seeds dropping, and gather seeds and seedlings. I have some lovely mature trees in very large pots which grace my front yard. I also give away many trees, and lots of bamboo.

Many medicinal plants and even ornamentals distribute seeds freely, often cuttings and young plants are left out with the green-waste. If space is short consider buddying up with someone who has the space yet needs a boost. Gardens are natural community builders, and communities are natural garden makers. Sunflower seeds can be sown in the foot-wide spaces between buildings, lentils will grow up the sunflowers. Giving containers a second-life as homes for trees we can share is a great practice. Food service outlets generate a lot of waste which can be used as growing containers, and even cloches.

Perhaps we can share suggestions for simple and immediate ways to mutually aid each other.

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
9:36 am - Solar Challenge

Exploring the idea of how people can aid each other here and now, I have begun a series of fine-art solar cookers. The ovens and funnel/parabolic cookers are made of cardboard and aluminum foil. The basic cooking utensils can be found cheaply, either new or from thrift. Simple construction tools allow the creation of ovens and cookers which can store flat, or be decorated and used as sturdy accompaniment for camping and outings.

Solarcooking.org has mass details and all the plans. Each day I make a new cooker, I plan to give and sell them as a demonstation and fundraiser (Rotary International cooker for Afghani refugees). This is a simple way that we can all start to demonstate that solar can and should be part of all of our lives.

The foil inside of chip bags, the plastic litre soda bottle, soot-black from a candle, an aluminum can...when you teach solar cooking you teach that all of these things can be assembled into a rudimentary water purifier. At the sme time as you demonstrate the cookers, you can always collect funds for solarcooking.org (to provide simple cookers for refugee families).

The center of it all are simple project sheets which detail how to make the cookers.

Modern recycled box cookers use Oven bags as the glazing, this makes them lightweight and easy to make. The supplies I am using so far:
black flat spray paint, aluminum foil,(or) mylar,glue, masking tape, duct tape,newspaper, cardboard, paper bags, quart mason jar, recycled wire rack, recycled pans, foil pot-pie pans, turkey bags,wire to create racks, and added in Glitter, colored paper, old magazines (for collage) and paint.

Once you teach someone *how* to make these, they can assemble them for very low cost out of mostly found-objects.

The best part is the decoration, make them flashy, make them loveable, make them whimsical and make them fun!

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Friday, April 15th, 2005
2:43 pm - Modern Mutual Aid

Raising the question of mutual aid in the modern pickle, mungojelly has raised some great points for thought.

First off, IMHO it is impossible to create an economy of the gift with an act of destruction. The two activities are couterpoint to each other.

Priceless gifts can be shared by those who wish to take the time to learn the traditional arts. It may not be possible to *share* mush more than token arts, however you can teach other people some of the precious skills which you do know. There is a lot of lore to be passed along. Simply being able to share means of living more ecologically while in a semi-urban environment...well people want to do better and act more in line with what they know is right. Setting an example is all that there really is.

By reaching out to each other and tracking each others needs, we can create an effective gift economy which will emerge and expand naturally.

Consider helping someone set up a garden, watching a little one, teaching someone to read, washing a friends dishes. People need attention as much as water, food or clean air, many of us have such practices we simply need to emphasize and add to the process.

One of the most beneficial immediate tools is a pot-luck gathering where everyone contributes a dish of food, and often the house changes (that way everyone gets a chance to host).

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