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Living in a Society of Mutual Aid

Society of Mutual Aid
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Kropotkin wrote that successful anarchy must take place in a society of mutual aid. Mutual aid is understood as cooperative reciprocity which occurs directly between people or groups, with no third party such as a state involved. It counterbalances the idea of self sufficiency, which is fundamental, but impractical in absolute form.

The intention of this community is to participate in the development of a society of mutual aid and self sufficiency. Our subject ranges from individual relationships to grassroots infrastructure. The focus is on the here and now, not on debates over hypotheses that will be irrelevant if we remain armchair theorists.

This could include nearly everything. Some possible topics are:
How do you understand mutual aid? How do you envision a society of mutual aid?
What would you like to do in your life to advance mutual aid? What are you already doing? What do you wish people did more of? When can helping become hindering?
How do you feel about the question of working with third parties (ie governments and institutions) in order to advance mutual aid?
Requests or suggestions of resources and ideas
Other ideas related to the society of mutual aid, such as non-anarchist mutual aid movements, temporary autonomous zones, the law of do as thou wilt
Stories of collectives and communities that you have known
Experiences of mutual aid from others

If you feel like introducing yourself, please do. It will help keep the community active, and you may bring up interesting subjects in your intro that you wouldn't have otherwise.

Please post on-topic. (The topic is mutual aid, not just anarchism. Introductions are excepted.) Please do not post spam. Please don't overdo it with the crossposting. Please use LJ-CUT for long posts. Please do not post information which is of local interest--instead start a related community for your area and post it there. You're welcome to post here about other communities, as long as it's polite. (For example, don't post "This place stinks, check out my community!")

for more info on mutual aid, the wikipedia entry
also, a detailed persective: Mutual Aid and Mutual Trust

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