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Bug New Leaf


hi, i guess i joined this community a while ago but then forgot to put it in one of my friends filters that i actually read, i went to join again but saw i was already a member,
i have joined because the other day i was talking to a friend about how i feel like i am becoming an anarchist, but that i don't really understand how anarchy can work, and i was feeling confused
then out of curiosity i followed a link to the community info, and now i think i understand how anarchy can work
a little about me
i'm a vegan, and an artist, i care deeply about the environment and people, i believe that it is wrong to cause unnecessary harm to anything, what i consider to be necessary harm is say, eating a carrot, it harms the carrot, but i need to eat and not eating would cause harm to myself so i eat the carrot, but it is an organic carrot that is grown locally to minimize the amount of harm caused, i am not actually able to completely live by my own standards, i feel that the way i live causes unnecessary harm and this causes me to feel very depressed, i continue to try and do my best though and am currently working on moving someplace where i will be able to live by these standards a bit more easily
so i am hoping to learn more about mutual aid
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