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Solar Challenge

Exploring the idea of how people can aid each other here and now, I have begun a series of fine-art solar cookers. The ovens and funnel/parabolic cookers are made of cardboard and aluminum foil. The basic cooking utensils can be found cheaply, either new or from thrift. Simple construction tools allow the creation of ovens and cookers which can store flat, or be decorated and used as sturdy accompaniment for camping and outings. has mass details and all the plans. Each day I make a new cooker, I plan to give and sell them as a demonstation and fundraiser (Rotary International cooker for Afghani refugees). This is a simple way that we can all start to demonstate that solar can and should be part of all of our lives.

The foil inside of chip bags, the plastic litre soda bottle, soot-black from a candle, an aluminum can...when you teach solar cooking you teach that all of these things can be assembled into a rudimentary water purifier. At the sme time as you demonstrate the cookers, you can always collect funds for (to provide simple cookers for refugee families).

The center of it all are simple project sheets which detail how to make the cookers.

Modern recycled box cookers use Oven bags as the glazing, this makes them lightweight and easy to make. The supplies I am using so far:
black flat spray paint, aluminum foil,(or) mylar,glue, masking tape, duct tape,newspaper, cardboard, paper bags, quart mason jar, recycled wire rack, recycled pans, foil pot-pie pans, turkey bags,wire to create racks, and added in Glitter, colored paper, old magazines (for collage) and paint.

Once you teach someone *how* to make these, they can assemble them for very low cost out of mostly found-objects.

The best part is the decoration, make them flashy, make them loveable, make them whimsical and make them fun!
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