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Modern Mutual Aid

Raising the question of mutual aid in the modern pickle, mungojelly has raised some great points for thought.

First off, IMHO it is impossible to create an economy of the gift with an act of destruction. The two activities are couterpoint to each other.

Priceless gifts can be shared by those who wish to take the time to learn the traditional arts. It may not be possible to *share* mush more than token arts, however you can teach other people some of the precious skills which you do know. There is a lot of lore to be passed along. Simply being able to share means of living more ecologically while in a semi-urban environment...well people want to do better and act more in line with what they know is right. Setting an example is all that there really is.

By reaching out to each other and tracking each others needs, we can create an effective gift economy which will emerge and expand naturally.

Consider helping someone set up a garden, watching a little one, teaching someone to read, washing a friends dishes. People need attention as much as water, food or clean air, many of us have such practices we simply need to emphasize and add to the process.

One of the most beneficial immediate tools is a pot-luck gathering where everyone contributes a dish of food, and often the house changes (that way everyone gets a chance to host).
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